Magic Spoon Brings Great Taste Back To Low Carb Cereals

Cereal on Keto? Yes. It is happening!

magicspoon new line of healthy cerealMagic Spoon is the first brand of its kind to offer all the deliciousness of a sweet, crunchy, happy cereal, but without the sugar and carbs that make you feel bloated. As a keto practitioner, it is very hard for me to find breakfast foods that are light and quick to make. At some point, even the most die-hard low carb dieter gets tired of bacon and eggs (believe it or not). Magic spoon gives you a chance to eat something a bit more refreshing without having to “bulk up” first thing in the morning.

The Product

Magic Spoon is a crunchy and sweet cereal that comes in four flavors: cinnamon, fruity, cocoa, and frosted. It is shaped like loops, which makes their texture crunchier and more fun to eat. The cereal is available through the company’s website at

The Macros

The macro-nutrient content of Magic Spoon, per ½ cup, are:

  • 12 grams protein
  • 3 net carbs (THREE!)
  • 10 mg cholesterol
  • 60 mg sodium
  • 260 mg calcium
  • 2 grams fiber

The Texture

The bite is soft, so do not worry about biting on a tiny rock like the old protein cereals from way back. There is no chalky or grainy aftertaste like when you eat bran flakes or any other of those mock up ultra protein cereals that feel like you are eating cardboard on milk.

Think of it as less-starchy version of your traditional loop-shaped cereal. It has enough consistency to float on milk without falling apart. This is really important to me, especially when it comes to the chocolate version. Do you remember the old-school, puffy, chocolate cereals? Those would almost melt to the touch of the milk. I can still remember being a (picky eater) kid and looking down at my bowl with a grimace, totally pushing away the bowl in utter disgust. I still have that visual in my head. For someone with texture issues, mushy cereal could be a real problem. Thankfully, Magic Spoon got its recipe pretty down packed and they clearly took texture into consideration.

The Taste

This cereal comes in four flavors: fruity, chocolate, cinnamon, and frosted (my favorite.) I have a comparison for each:magicspoon keto cereal varieties

The fruity version– Tastes a lot like the most popular, commercial competitor. It has a nice aftertaste and it does not have this artificial, aspartame taste that the generic brands usually have. It has a nice smell to it, too. Have you noticed how, most of the time, high protein items have a particularly organic scent? Not this cereal. It smells nice, while not “chemically” fruity.

The chocolate version– It is very hard to get this one wrong because, let’s face it, chocolate is chocolate. And chocolate is ALWAYS awesome. I liked everything about this flavor, especially that it ends up with a “drop”. What this means is that you first feel the chocolaty taste but, instead of getting sweeter and sweeter, it actually gets more chocolaty. It is super nice. I tried this one with whipped cream, instead of milk, and it was like having a cookies and cream sundae. A total goal, met.

The cinnamon version– While cinnamon is not my favorite flavor, the sweet and spicy aroma of this cereal made it worth a try. It was very good. I do not use it in milk, but mixed with my favorite low-carb ice cream. I also tried this with cream cheese and cottage cheese. Delicious.

The frosted version– We finally come to my absolute favorite. As a child, frosted cereals were my go-to flavor for just about all kind of cereal, whether puffed, flaked, loops, rice crispy, anything.

As I grew older, however, my tolerance for lactose, sugar, grains, and carbohydrates lowered considerably. While I still loved the flavor of frosted cereal, I could no longer eat it without feeling ill. The mixture of ingredients in this recipe completely takes off the junk factors while focusing on what really matters: the proper combination of macro-nutrients. This also aids in digestion, and much more. I can finally eat frosted cereal without fearing the cramps that normally come after eating regular, sugary flakes.

For Keto Practitioners

The keto lifestyle is not for everybody. Hormones, stress, and everyday temptations make it even more challenging. As far as my personal low carbohydrate journey goes, this product is a welcome addition to my diet, and it totally helps me control the sugar cravings that come for extended periods of time of zero sugar consumption.

This product also helps me to get more creative in the kitchen. I’ve already mixed this cereal with almonds and dried fruit to make “trail mix.” I have also used it as a topping for yogurt, keto ice cream, and even whipped cream “sundaes.” The cereal is super versatile and definitely delicious. It is totally worth getting and keeping it safely stored to kill any carb craving that comes your way.


  • Great for clean eaters, low carb practitioners, and Paleo practitioners
  • Low in carbohydrates, grain, and gluten free
  • Great flavor, nice crunch
  • Balanced blend of macros
  • You can try it risk-free through the company website
  • Free shipping in all orders over $50


  • Slightly pricier than generic cereals
  • Not available in local grocery stores
  • Sold by the case (4 boxes)
  • Check for potential allergies to tapioca or coconut oil


I was easily sold with this product because of its convenience, variety, and for the fact that there is just no other like it. I like the concept of the brand, which is keeping junk away from food. I also like the exclusivity of the product because, that way, it will continue to sell to a clientele that truly wants and believes in it. This means that the original formula will never change due to “commercial peer pressure.” The cereal is a total game changer, especially for keto practitioners who may be on the brink of getting tired of their diets due to a lack of crunch or sweetness. If there is a product out there that can help our diets save us from bad eating habits, this is the one to get.

Check out this great low carb cereal from MagicSpoon and see if this is a product that could work for you and your dietary needs. Its 100% risk free, and you can get a subscription account to get the product delivered at your preferred times, and for a lower price. Check them out!