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Here’s How Hot Dogs Are Killing You As We Speak

Hot dogs are basically a death stick wrapped in fun. The “I don’t want to know” defense falls on its face though, since hot dogs are definitely killing you.

Cancer touches every life, but it touches hot-dog-loving lives a lot more. Did you know the World Health Organization just tossed hot dogs in the same health-risk class as asbestos and cigarettes? Hot dogs and other processed meats definitely cause cancer.

Don’t take their word for it. Over 800 scientific studies now prove hot dogs = death. You don’t even have to eat very many of the harmless looking little meat-wands to get cancer. About three a week throttles up cancer risk by almost 20%.

Worse, leukemia risk jumps nine times for kids who eat a dozen of the mystery meats per month.

The Hot Dog Death Picnic

Hot dogs: an American tradition and a staple food of barbecues and parties everywhere. We wolf down 20 billion of the fun-filled franks per year. Food companies spend billions on ads for the processed pests, bombarding us with commercials painting them as friendship and good times.

The ads don’t tell us the International Agency for Research on Cancer now ranks hot dogs as a “Group 1 Carcinogen.” That puts them up there with formaldehyde, HPV, welding fumes, inhaled asbestos and cigarette smoke. Hot dogs kick-start colorectal cancer, which kills over 50,000 people every year.

Looking to come clean and board the train to healthytown? Check out our complete guide to the Tom Brady diet plan right here.

How Hot Dogs Cause Cancer

Hot dogs and other processed meats come stuffed with nitrates. Those preservatives protect the meat from bacteria and mold. Unfortunately, they also protect it from our stomachs. Hundreds of studies on millions of subjects prove beyond a doubt that nitrates lead to cancer.

If hot dogs are so deadly, why hasn’t the U.S. government yanked them off store shelves? Simply put, the wheels of government turn slowly. The evidence against cigarettes piled high for decades before a slew of lawsuits finally knocked the habit from the mainstream. Even so, smoking butts stays lawful to this day.

Hot dog eating contest with a green kid and death personified.


Yikes, Vegetables Cause Cancer Too?

While the effect of eating a hot dog won’t kill anyone, eating them habitually is deadly. Shockingly, good ol’ healthy veggies may cause cancer for the same reasons. Even organic vegetables can cause cancer via nitrates.

How do nitrates get in vegetables? Fertilizer. Farms enrich their soils with nitrate fertilizers, which then infuse the beets, greens, broccoli, carrots and just about everything else. The good news is, nitrates don’t turn carcinogenic until cooked. The higher the heat, the higher the cancer risk.

Because of this heat-nitrate-cancer link, grilled hot dogs are the worst, while lightly-cooked or raw vegetables are healthiest. Veggies also pack in nutrients that hot dogs don’t possess. That’s why steering clear of hot dogs and other processed meats is the smartest cancer-fighting choice.

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  • Hot dog eating contest between death and a green kid.

    Here’s How Hot Dogs Are Killing You As We Speak

    Hot dogs are basically a death stick wrapped in fun. The “I don’t want to know” defense falls on its face though, since ...
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