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The TB12 Nutrition Manual is a Bargain Dressed Like a Ripoff

Any debate about Tom Brady’s Greatest of All Time status ended when the legendary QB threw for his record fifth Super Bowl win. That mind-blowing success has a lot of fans (and haters!) wondering, how the heck does he do it? How does a guy knocking on 40 outdo every other QB in the league, not once but enough times to wear a ring on every finger of one hand? Shockingly, the GOAT says a big part of his secret lies within the pages of his TB12 Nutrition Manual.

What’s the TB12 Nutrition Manual and why do so many in the sports world give it the same status as a jumbo-sized carafe of snake oil? Well it’s Tom Brady’s nutrition book and it contains the QB’s unique philosophy on food, plus plans to follow in his footsteps.

That’s important because Brady credits most of his success to what he eats. Critics call the $200 price absurd. They say the book is joyless and that you should never, ever buy it. As we’ll show, they’re dead wrong.

The TB12 Nutrition Manual is NOT a Ripoff

Calling the Tom Brady nutrition manual a ripoff assumes there’s nothing to Tom’s claim that diet is behind his eye-searing success. If he’s wrong and all his wins are just some kind of fluke, then yes the TB12 Nutrition Manual is a ripoff. After all, who wants to pay a whopping $200 for some celebrity cookbook with a bunch of recipes no one will use?

If Brady’s right though and his diet is behind his GOATness, then $200 is a bargain. Tom claims the manual is “not a cookbook” (it is) and that it’s more of an instruction manual to follow in his dietary footsteps (it is that too).

The book contains Tom’s approach to eating. Why he avoids gluten, refined sugar, alcohol and coffee. Why he believes the plant-based, low-meat diet is the way to go. How it helps him “age backwards” and stay on top of the NFL at an age when most quarterbacks are out to pasture.

Want more detail on how Tom Brady’s diet works exactly? See our full guide to the Tom Brady diet plan here.

Tom Brady TB12 Nutrition Manual on white background.


Tom Brady’s Nutrition Manual is a Direct Line to His Personal Chef

Beyond Tom’s food philosophies, the TB12 Nutrition Manual has 89 recipes that let fans in on what he eats. Most of the dishes in the book are meals that Brady and his wife Gisele enjoy regularly. This isn’t just some cookbook concocted by a star’s assistant. It’s a line in to Brady’s personal chef. A way to say, “What did that guy have for dinner last night because I want to eat it too.”

Even so, isn’t $200 an outrageous price? If this were just a cookbook, we’d say maybe. But the cookbook is in binder form. That’s because with each book comes Brady’s promise that he’ll send new pages with new ideas and recipes in the future.

In other words, the manual is not a one-time purchase but a subscription to Brady’s diet going forward. In a very real sense it’s a direct line to his personal chef. A way to eat like the guy who says he’s the greatest because of what he eats. Is $200 a ripoff for that kind of intel? Is there really any debate?

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