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Why You Should Eat A Low Carb Breakfast

Start Off Your Day the Keto Way

It’s time for breakfast. To the average person, this is a “coffee and donut” kind of moment. To others, it is a “go through the drive through” treat. Some people think that breakfast foods are just “eggs and bacon.” Others prefer sweets, such as pancakes, waffles, and muffins. The question is: What should we put in our bodies first thing in the morning, or as we open our eyes to face a new day?

Our suggestion? Start off the day keto way!

But, Wait!!!

We merely suggested to “start off” your day this way. We are not telling you that you should go into full-on keto diet mode, or to swear away bread and jelly for the rest of your life. Just make a small change; a simple swap. Choose foods containing moderate-protein, a high-fat content, and low carbohydrates. For example, choose the bacon and eggs over the traditional, high-sugar, cereal and milk fare. See for yourself what happens when you start off your day eating keto, as opposed to eating simple carbohydrates for breakfast.

3 Reasons Why Breakfast Can Make or Break Your Day

why you need to eat breakfast


Reason 1: According to a study by the National Weight Control Registry published by Nature Foods, your choice of breakfast can affect your entire day. It makes sense, when you think about it. You may have spent anywhere from 6 to 10 hours (if you are lucky) in deep sleep during the night, without ingesting nutrients. A keto breakfast with protein and fats can help your body reload your energy without added spikes in insulin that will make you crash later.

Reason 2: You burn calories during your sleep, since your regular body functions continue to work as usual during this time. Your body has been working throughout the night. This is part of the reason why some people do feel hungry in the mornings.

Therefore, you should fuel up the right way, but giving back to your body the nutrients it needs to build muscle, tissue, and other important organs. A high carbohydrate breakfast will not do this for you. Leave high carbs for extensive physical activity.

Reason 3: If you already suffer from a blood sugar condition, such as hypo and hyperglycemia, breakfast can contribute to bring back your normal blood sugar balance. Again, it is very counterproductive to try to restore your body’s balance of nutrients by consuming foods that are high in carbohydrates. Stick to the stuff that makes your body better.

How About Skipping Breakfast Altogether?

Not having breakfast, or having the wrong stuff to start off your day, can definitely put you on the road to crankiness, hunger, and bad decision making. After all, when you do not feel satisfied, you will raid the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer (whether yours or someone else’s) until you achieve satiety. Just listen to your body’s responses in the morning. See what it takes to give it energy and keep it happy. We promise you that a hearty, filling breakfast will help you have a very good day.

Even More Reasons for a Low Carb Breakfast

As you can see, what you eat for breakfast does matter. In fact, it matters a lot. Now you see why a hearty, keto breakfast, with fat and protein as its key macronutrients, will feed your body as a whole, bringing balance, and maybe even a bit of happiness, to your day.

An article by Diet Doctor, lists dozens of benefits that come from just switching to a low carb option for breakfast. In summary, here are the reasons why low carb breakfasts matter.

A breakfast rich in fats and protein, and low in carbohydrates, will keep you feeling full for a longer period of time.

In contrast, a sugary breakfast may open the floodgates of sugar and treat craving

The building of our muscle mass and tissue depends entirely on protein consumption. Eating protein (instead of carbs) means feeding your muscles directly. The more muscle you build, the more fat you will burn.

A low-carbohydrate breakfast will make you less prone to feel sluggish. This is because you won’t suffer from sudden spikes in blood sugar, which lead to “crashing down,” or feeling overwhelmingly exhausted, at any time of the day.

Eating a keto breakfast means that your body will use the fat that you eat as its primary energy This means that, whatever fat you eat, will be used for fuel!

You will start feeling energetic once your body starts using fat as fuel. You will also feel lighter, as your body will also tap on the fat storages in your body.

How do I Do This?

Just experiment a little bit and see how your body responds throughout the day. You may be surprised with the results. With a plethora of delicious options to create the perfect low carbohydrate meals, there is no doubt that keto breakfasts are a total #WIN.

Waking Up Right

By now, you may be more familiar as to why breakfast matters. Basically, you need to replenish your body with all the nutrients it lacked from the time you went to sleep. The best way to let your body wake up the right way is by helping it achieve nutritional balance using foods that will not spike blood sugar levels, and
that help the body feel nourished.


Think that a donut is better than protein just because it is more portable? Think again! Here is a list of super-portable, super delicious, and mega easy-to-make keto breakfasts for the win.

  • Ham and cheese roll ups- Use your favorite ham and cheese, put them together, and make them into rolls that you can stuff with mustard, olives, pickles, or whatever you like!
  • Low carb breakfast wraps- Did you know that wraps are the go-to food item for low-carb practitioners everywhere? They continue to manufacture them with less carbs each year. They are made with coconut flour, almond flour, tapioca, and other sources. You can have a burrito…and eat it, too!
  • Kale and avocado smoothies- Put your greens to the test with delicious smoothies. Use sugar-free juice, and low carb fruits, such as blueberries and strawberries instead of bananas. Sugar-free applesauce is great for smoothies, as well.
  • Coconut-cheese quiche- This is incredible. Coconut milk and delicious, low sugar cheeses can mix with eggs to make a wonderful quiche dish that you can eat, slice per slice.
  • Pizza! – The “fathead” pizza dough is mega easy and cheap to make, and it holds merely 2 grams of carbohydrates. Load it up with your favorite toppings, and have pizza anytime you wish.

Here is a quick tutorial for “fathead dough” that you may end up using for every meal for the rest of your life. It is that good.

  • Keto / Low Carb Cereals! Yes, they exist! They come in cinnamon, chocolate, fruity, and frosted, too! Take a look at some of your options!
  • Full-fat, low carb yogurts, topped with coconut flakes or low-carb cereal
  • Strawberries and full-fat cottage cheese
  • Soup for breakfast (great for hangovers)- Chicken broth, shiritaki noodles, soy sauce, and a dash of Tabasco to soak up the pesky ethanol from last night’s party.
  • Smoked salmon and cream cheese with capers- Bring the deli to your home, and get your lox on!
  • Fiber-based breads and butter! Companies such as Thin Slim Foods, The Great Low Carb Company, and Julian’s Bakery make super low carb breads that taste and feel like the real thing!

By the way, these same companies have worked hard at coming up with waffle mix, pancake mix, syrups, and all the other imitation bread products so that you can enjoy a true keto breakfast without any guilt. They are delicious!

  • Omelet-in-a-bowl- Just whip up your favorite omelet items: eggs, cheese, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, and all veggies, and put them in a container. Take the container to work, microwave it, and eat a deliciously hearty breakfast at work.
  • Strawberry-Cream Cheese fat bombs- Mash strawberries and cream cheese together, add alternative sweetener, and add coconut chips for a crunch. Delicious.

For the Family:

large family eating breakfast

If you have to feed a bigger group, look no further than low carb breakfast casserole to start the day off right.

Some low-carb breakfast casseroles that feed big groups include:

  • Sausage egg and cheese casserole – Mix it all together and eat away!
  • Huevos Rancheros casserole- All the goodness from scrambled eggs, peppers, hot sauce, and chorizo, put together in a bigger pan for everyone to enjoy.
  • Veggie delight breakfast pie- Mix eggs and your favorite veggies altogether. Bake on a pie shell until cooked. Sprinkle with shredded cheese and serve warm.
  • Quiche- The all-time family favorite is not only rich and delicious, but totally portable. Swap the crust for a low carb alternative with crushed almonds, or low carb pie shells that are readily available on online low-carb and keto markets.

What if I Don’t Want Eggs?

eggs in a basketNo eggs? No problem! Veggie and fruit smoothies are all the rage, and they are available almost anywhere. It is better to make your own, in order to control the kind of fruit that goes into the smoothie. Sadly, some fruits have such a high content of sugar in their natural form that even people with diabetes are asked not to consume them. Not all fruits are super sweet, though. The fruits mostly used by keto practitioners include strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

Look in our list of ideas, and see the plethora of choices you have now to replace your high-carb breakfasts. low carb cereals , breads, muffins, and, yes, even donuts are now made with low-carb flour alternatives ranging from coconut, to almond, and even tapioca. The possibilities are endless!

Why Haven’t We Thought About This Before?

1. Those Darn Commercials Don’t Help

We run into a huge issue when trying to educate people on the importance of low carbohydrate breakfasts: marketing. Let’s face it. Carbs may not be the best choice for food, but they sure get all Stack of donutsthe glitz and the glamour of the cameras.

Popular culture, marketing campaigns, and even social media, continue to promote high-carbohydrate food items as the “go to” breakfast foods in our culture. The advertisements featuring frosted tarts, cereal, toast, donuts, and pancakes for breakfast far outnumber any commercials featuring low carbohydrate meals.

Granted, they make food look mad cool. Eggs will never look as rad as a stack of pancakes dripping in hot syrup. However, choosing these high sugar foods for breakfast will just leave you wanting more sweets throughout the day, setting you up for total dietary failure.

2. Our Mindsets Still “Don’t Get It”

Due to our fast-paced lives, and love for highly-addictive carbs, we still do not realize that it is just not a very hot idea to eat a high carbohydrate breakfast on an empty stomach. Imagine the effect of hitting your body up with a battalion of sugar and starch the moment it wakes up.

You may not have realized this, but just a quick stop at the popular donut joint for a medium coffee (with sugar and creamer) will smack your bloodstream with a whooping 29 grams of carbohydrates. Out of that amount, 26 grams are pure, refined sugar.

Does it make sense to replete an empty stomach r? How are these nutrients, anyway? The answer? No, it does not make sense to fill yourself up with a substance that is addictive, will prompt you to eat more and, what’s worse, will not fill you up.


Switching your breakfast routine to a keto-friendly version is not very hard to do. All you need is to get acquainted with the macronutrient content of your food, and stick to foods that are higher in good fats, moderate in protein content, and definitely low on carbohydrates.

The key issue with carbs for breakfast is that they really do not help to nourish your body, especially after having spent hours sleeping, with full body functions still taking place. If you plan to replenish your nutrient content as soon as you wake up, the preferred way to do so is by eating foods that contain the stuff that make our muscles stronger: lean meats, lean protein, leafy greens.

Changing your coffee and donut for a nice omelet can also make you feel fuller for a longer period of time, and you will not have blood sugar ups and downs that will make you tired, moody, or sleepy. Just listen to your body on a daily basis. Take note about which foods fuel you in the most advantageous way, and make a super cool menu full of keto foods. Breakfast will be your favorite meal of the day!

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