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36 Detox Waters to Make You a Weight Loss Hero

Detox water is a powerful and popular weight loss drink that has millions of people like you doing backflips.

What’s so great about detox water?

It’s sensual, it’s tantalizing, and it pulls a Fukushima on your extra pounds.

It’s also fun and easy to make, it looks beautiful in a nice drop bottle and it flat out makes you feel scandalous.

Keep reading for the skinny on this wondrous weight loss miracle drink. Below you’ll find dozens of really cool recipes and pics (rose petal infusion anyone?) and unlock the secrets that make it such a popular pound-pummeler.

So How Does Detox Water Work?

First, the “water” part of detox water actually levels-up your metabolism through something called thermogenesis. Holy cow, that sounds like something out of Star Trek. The non-dork explanation is, water burns more energy and helps your body nuke more fat.

Second, when we drink detox water we’re not drinking soda. Did you know soda is considered “liquid candy” by the big-brained docs at Harvard Medical School? It’s also a major culprit for obesity.

Avoiding soda by replacing it with detox water is weight loss secret #2.

Third, the fun ingredients in detox water accessorize your weight loss powers. Superfoods like ginger, lemon and pomegranate all have superhero calorie-blasting properties of their own.

What is Detox Water?

The best part of the detox water story is, it isn’t rocket science. It’s not something you have to order online or pick up at the store. Most of us can make it in seconds from ingredients we already own.

Detox water, in a nutshell, is water infused with no-kidding natural flavors from real, whole foods. It’s not expensive, weird or high-maintenance.

All you have to do to make a batch of detox water is combine a few forbidden fruits and other flavors, then add ice and water. Then pop it in the fridge and mother nature does the rest.

You can savor it from a glass, a regular Nalgene bottle, water bottle or one of several photogenic infuser bottles on the market. Either way, it’s the most flirty and delicious weight loss weapon out there.

How to Make Detox Water

Here’s a simple detox water recipe. The best part is that while we’ve got 36 recipes for this weight loss wonder drink below, there’s really only one basic formula. Just gather up your flavors, add water, steep, enjoy.

Most of the fun with detox water is in the experimenting. Try the recipes below, but don’t be ashamed to create your own concoctions.

  1. Toss your ingredients in an infuser bottle or a pitcher
  2. Add a layer of ice.
  3. Fill to the brim with water.
  4. Pop it in the fridge (an hour is best).
  5. Re-use until the flavors fade (2-3 times is normally the limit).
Detox water with lemon and cucumber in a pitcher on a wood tray.


The 36 Best Detox Water Recipes

Ready? We’re about to blow your mind with 36 tawdry recipes, complete with revealing pics that lay these yummy weight loss drinks bare for all to see. Our favorites are the detox waters made with lemon, ginger, rose petals or cucumbers, but there are dozens more.

Below, we’ll let you in on the best fruits and flavors to surge your weight loss and healthy living rewards.

1. Flat Belly Detox Water

Because @dailybowlofhappiness knows that two detox waters are better than one 💦🍋🍇

A post shared by Detox Water (@detoxwater) on

This detox water just looks like a turn-on, doesn’t it? Lime, grapes, cherries, strawberries and a few blueberries for good measure. The limes are low in calories and pack powerful antioxidants that double as fat-burners. Cherries reduce belly fat and (bonus!) help with healthy sleep.

2. Cucumber, Lime and Mint Detox Water

Cucumber 🥒 lime + mint 🍃 #detoxwater by 💕

A post shared by Detox Water (@detoxwater) on

You have to taste this detox water to believe it. Subtle and provocative, it’s the perfect cool-down for a steamy afternoon. Slice the cukes thin for the biggest flavor blast. Did you know cucumbers are a low-calorie, high-nutrient food that helps cleanse toxins from the body? Meanwhile, mint soothes the tummy and aids in nutrient absorption. (Hint: that means less hunger!)

3. Watermelon Waistline-Waster Detox Water

Why watermelon? It’s refreshing, low-calorie, tasty and it comes with nutrients like vitamins A and C. As a bonus, when you’re done licking the last drops you can nost the watermelon. The high fiber content creates a filling effect and forces your body to burn fat.

4. Jillian Michaels Detox Water

Weight loss wizard Jillian Michaels dishes up her own detox water thus: take 60 oz of distilled water, add a tablespoon of sugar free cranberry juice, a dandelion root tea bad, two tablespoons of lemon juice and drink. This, she says, can easily drop five pounds of water bloat in seven days.

5. Blueberry Orange Blast Detox Water

Orange and blueberry #detoxwater by @mssvanah | 🍊🍇

A post shared by Detox Water (@detoxwater) on

Blueberries pack cancer-fighting antioxidants like vitamins K and C. Vitamin K can actually help you live longer, but it’s the unique anthocyanins in blueberries that deliver most of the hidden health benefits. The oranges in this detox water impart healthy B vitamins, potassium and other essential minerals.

6. Starfruit Metabolism-Booster Detox Water with Orange

Starfruit ✨+ Orange 🍊 #detoxwater by the talented ☺️

A post shared by Detox Water (@detoxwater) on

Need to lose weight? Starfruit is loaded with metabolism-revving B vitamins to maximize your weight loss. It’s also a low-calorie, high-fiber food that helps burn fat. This detox water makes a gorgeous and beyond-refreshing way to cleanse those toxins.

What Does Detox Water Do?

Let’s take a quick break to talk about the benefits of detox water. Of course it satisfies hunger and revs up the metabolism. It also takes the place of other less healthy drinks like coffee. But the ingredients we add accessorize the cleansing and the weight loss. Below are just a few.

Benefits of Detox Water Ingredients:

  • Lemon. The polyphenols in lemon actually suppress weight gain and burn fat. Plus, hey, it’s delicious.
  • Ginger. Ginger gives your metabolism a pep talk and curbs the appetite. It also lends a lusty zing to any detox water.
  • Mint. Mint increases satiety, freshens breath and protects cells from radiation damage. Fukushima fallout, you have met your match and it is minty-fresh.
  • Parsely. Put this in your detox water to cleanse heavy metals and regulate blood sugar.
  • Rose Petals. Stressed about your health? The high polyphenol levels in rose petals calm the mind and elevate the mood. Use them in detox water to soothe hunger during weight loss too.
  • Cucumber. Cucumber keeps you hydrated, beats the heat, flushes toxins and delivers skin-healthy minerals like magnesium and potassium.
  • Blueberry. This ancient berry wards off heart disease and defends cells against damage. Use it to give detox water a sweet edge, and love its anti-diabetic powers.
  • Chia. Essential oils in chia seeds help cleanse fats from the blood stream. They also deliver an incredible amount of nutrients with almost zero calories.
  • Vanilla. Add vanilla to detox water to speed healing, strengthen hair and yep, suppress the appetite. Bonus health benefit: its cholesterol-zapping chops support your weight loss goals.
  • Basil. Boost your immune health and protect your liver with basil’s arsenal of antioxidants. The leaf’s essential oils impart healing powers that have been respected for millennia.

7. Blood Orange, Lemon and Mint Detox Water

Detox water is 's secret to staying hydrated on hot summer days ☀️💦

A post shared by Detox Water (@detoxwater) on

Few fruits evoke passion with the strength of blood oranges. The ruddy fruit calls forth images of sultry Moroccan nights and intrigue in the marketplace. Not only do they pack the same vitamins and minerals as oranges, they add anthocyanins for anti-inflammation power. Leave the rinds on for extra zest.

8. Ruby Red Pomegranate Detox Water

Another amazing creation by @singh.monisha 😋

A post shared by Detox Water (@detoxwater) on

The pomegranate pips in this ruby red, delicious detox water encourage healthy blood flow, which leads to a more thorough cleanse. They also soothe the stomach. The mint suppresses appetite for weight loss benefits, and the manganese in the strawberries strengthens bones and ramps up the metabolism.

9. Straight-Up Cucumber Detox Water

Cucumber #detoxwater via @mssvanah 😋🥒

A post shared by Detox Water (@detoxwater) on

Go ahead and munch the cucumbers in this detox water. They’re high in fiber, low in calories so they actually help burn fat. Cucumber also drives out toxins. This drink is great for when you need something pure, simple and revitalizing.

10. The Grapefruit Berry Weight Loss Detox

😋🍓💦 via @singh.monisha

A post shared by Detox Water (@detoxwater) on

Grab a cool, tingly feeling all over with the zing of grapefruit plus the playful sweetness of strawberries and blueberries. The mint adds that subtle mystery that you’ve been aching for. Grapefruit packs in lycopene for overall health and it’s been shown to help with weight loss.

11. The Valentine’s Day Detox Water

💖Valentines day #detoxwater via @hellomissmay 😍 in her @dropbottle 💕

A post shared by Detox Water (@detoxwater) on

This flirty detox water in a gold-topped drop bottle looks as festive as it tastes. Rose water has been used for centuries as a skin-softeing secret that smooths wrinkles and fights aging. It also lifts the mood and makes a fantastic conversation starter.

12. Pure Lemon Love Detox Water

Lemon water love by @averyzieben | featuring a Rose Gold @dropbottle

A post shared by Detox Water (@detoxwater) on

For a no-nonsense, in-a-hurry detox water, you can’t go wrong with straight-up lemons. The zesty tang will satisfy your hunger, quench your thirst and leave you feeling fit. For an added benefit, lemons fight obesity by helping to melt fat.

Keep Reading for More Great Detox Water Recipes and Ideas!

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